Donut Vending Machine

When visiting the awesome Can Can Wonderland recently, I walked down the hallway to head downstairs when I saw a sign with a donut on it.

Naturally, I got excited.

As I kept walking, I realized that it wasn’t a bakery, but a donut vending machine called The Donut Trap. I had heard that this existed before, but honestly I’d forgotten about it and didn’t remember where it was located.

Turns out there are two locations of The Donut Trap’s machines: the same building as Can Can Wonderland/BlackStack Brewing in Minneapolis, and the Roseville Mall. The origins of the machine, from what I understand it, are the brainchild of Bradley Taylor, the owner of Sssdude-Nutz — a shop previously located in Dinkytown near the U of M campus that eventually became a food truck. I never made it to that shop before it closed, but its donuts and its marketing always intrigued me. (The names of the donuts include “Girls Luv Beyonce,” “Ferrari Fat Boi,” “Oprah’s Money” and more unique titles.) So when I stumbled on The Donut Trap, I was excited.

There’s a screen that shows all the available donuts — and the selection is ample. There were around 15 kinds of donuts available when I was there, each packaged individually in a box inside the machine. You make your selection and pay, and then the machine gently dispenses your donut to you.

My one issue with the machine was that it didn’t include descriptions of the donuts, just a picture and title of each one. Even its website doesn’t list descriptions, so it’s a bit of a guessing game.

I ended up getting the ODB, which had some chocolate frosting and Oreos on top. From the pictures, I couldn’t 100% tell which were cake donuts and which were raised (they sell both). As a cake donut connoisseur, I was glad I picked right and ended up with a cake donut.

The cake texture of this donut is hard to explain. It almost had more of a muffin texture than a cake. Needless to say, the flavor was good. You can see their full lineup here. I assume the machines are stocked daily, as it certainly tasted fresh.

The donuts were $4 each, and I probably should have gotten a few to try some variety, but I was in a bit of a time crunch so I grabbed one on my way out. I’d encourage anyone visiting Can Can Wonderland, BlackStack Brewing, or the Roseville Mall to give it a try. I can’t think of many better things to buy from a vending machine than a donut.

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